Dip Pens, fine liners and bristol board

As part of a series of posts showing how I make my artwork - first up my basic drawing equipment:

Winsor & Newton Extra Smooth Bristol board is my favourite surface to draw on.  It’s thick, smooth, bright white and really hard-wearing.  Strathmore Bristol board is also good, it is slightly thicker but does come in a strange non-metric size.

Pentel P203 / P205 Mechanical Pencils are perfect for drafting.  They're inexpensive, comfortable, robust and reliable.  I literally carry one of these around with me every where I go.

The Staedtler Mars Plastic is not really an ‘art eraser’ but I love it.  It’s cheap, it’s just the right level of softness, it doesn’t get too dirty like some rubbers do, and it’s incredibly hard-wearing.

 I’ve tried loads of different dip pens but Deleter Free Penholder with G-Pen, Saji & Maru Nibs are by far my favourite.  The pen holder is comfortable in the hand, really robust and has 2 different slots in the end so it can take round and flat nibs.  The Maru nib is really thin so it’s good for fine detail.  The Saji is a bit thicker.  My favourite is the G-Pen, which has a lovely smooth action.

Deleter is a Japanese brand, designed for manga artists, but I think it works for any pen and ink drawing.  There are 8 different types of ink – 6 black and 2 white, with varying degrees of lightfastness and opacity.  My favourite black in is the No 3, which I decant into a glass dropper pot.  It’s easy to use, flows really well and most importantly it gives a lovely solid black.  

The White Ink No 2 is brilliant for corrections.  It’s quick drying, non-toxic, is very opaque and you can easily draw over it, though be warned, it does eventually kill fine liners.  I use it with a cheap Pro Arte Acrylix brush (which it will also eventually destroy!)

I love Uni Pin fine liners – they’re not the fanciest, but that’s part of the appeal.  I go through pens at the rate of knots, and they're much cheaper than Edding 1800 Profipens and just as good.  I have a couple with me at all times.